Our Eggs fresh to you

Organic certified eggs

These are the pride and joy of our company. So wholesome that we couldn’t help but naming this brand after our own name. Fully complying with the highest organic standards, these eggs delight even the most demanding consumers. Our organic farmers have been audited and accredited to our Wholesome NZ Organic Standards by Avivet, a specialist in avian health who provides impartial advices for farmers in New Zealand and the South Pacific. Principle Neil Christensen is of course an approved IATCA  auditor cert LA-2105-SC


Bon appétit

Now look at this! We are proud to announce exclusive egg sponsorship with the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Pink Ribbon appeal. For every one dozen Bon Appetit pink packs sold through your local supermarket, we donate $1 towards the fantastic work of the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ. This partnership provides an opportunity for the BCFNZ to further its education reach, with a variety of breast health messages printed on the inside of the egg carton lids.

Further endorsement by the SPCA Blue Tick scheme of these large size 7 Free Range eggs surely demands attention. Help us to support these charities by requesting your supermarket to stock these delicious eggs.  Bon Appetit!!


Higgins free range

You cannot buy more genuine Free Range than this family oriented brand!  Being size 7 and Jumbo graded eggs, these three packs satisfy the appetite of big egg lovers. The SPCA Blue Tick endorsement reinforces their authenticity and their association to values such as integrity, respect, hard work and above all family.


White free range

This brand is currently experiencing a real high, as it seems to correspond perfectly with what customers expect from a Free Range egg brand. It’s pure and natural look is certainly a major factor to its success. Combined with being SPCA Blue Tick approved these eggs have a competitive price point which makes them very appealing to both retailers and shoppers. The perfect catch for a meal away from home.


Natural Green free range

 “An oldie but a goodie”. Wellingtonians have been enjoying these eggs for more than two decades now. Originally marketed by the Natural Egg Company before being purchased by Wholesome NZ, this brand has become a source of inspiration for the company.  From 6 egg packs to 30 egg trays, this brand caters for all your needs at a competitive price. Naturally!


A name and brand from the past. Close your eyes and picture this….a little red hen busy clucking around a spacious barn with nesting, perching, wood shavings and straw scratching areas searching for grain which is liberally sprinkled over the floor daily to supplement the diet. The old fashioned way.

Fast forward to today . . . We have replaced the old barns of yesteryear and replaced these with even more spacious and welfare friendly living areas. The emphasis is on high welfare and food safety. Need we say more . . .

Please support our drive to ban cages and colonies. Support our feathered friends fight for freedom.


(signed)   Little Red Hen.


Little Red Hen

Wholesome Barn range

Wholesome has raised the welfare bar!!

We are so so committed to the SPCA High Animal Welfare Blue Tick that we have permanently banned all connections to cruel cage systems. We refuse to have anything to do with this practice.

Wholesome Barn SPCA approved hens live in a 3D environment where they are free to stretch and fly from level to level, just like in trees as nature intended or scratch and dust bathe at floor level. Protected from the elements and predators. Chicken heaven is here at Wholesome.  Join and support us as we truly do lead the way. Ban all cages and colonies our girls say.


Do you? Will you?

Hen's Choice

Why buy eggs from colony or caged hens, when you can eat colony-free and cage-free eggs for just a few cents more? Stylish, trendy and with an urban feel, these eggs will appeal to city dwellers aware of animal cruelty and wanting to eat quality eggs without paying Free Range eggs pricing. Their mixed grade sizes are perfect for poaching; their whites are firm while their consistent orangey yolks make them the ideal everyday choice.